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I was originally introduced to the world of pianos at the age of 8, by my uncle who was a well known pianola builder and repairer. I spent many happy hours in his workshop fascinated by the internal workings of the piano action that it was little wonder the passion would become my career.

Having left school, I immediately enrolled as a student at the London College of Furniture, where I embarked on a Piano and Instrument Technology Course. On graduation from college, I secured a position at one of the country's leading Piano Manufacturers - Welmar Pianos. I progressed to become responsible for the fine tuning and toning of these quality English pianos and gained a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of piano manufacture and repair. After several years, the time came to put these skills to good use, so I became self employed.

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About Me
My work as a technician covers all aspects of the piano trade, from tuning to rebuilding...
What I Offer
Piano tuning, Servicing/regulating, Repairs, Full Restoration, Cleaning out & much more...
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