Piano Tuning

All pianos require regular tuning. Usage, coupled with humidity and temperature all play their part in determining how stable the tuning remains.

Due to changes in humidity and temperature, the piano will go out of tune. Most pianos will require tuning at least twice a year. However, if the piano gets more regular use, then it may require more frequent tunings.

Servicing / Regulating

Servicing is the process of adjusting various screws and moving parts to return the piano action to its optimum performance level. This process, like tuning depends on how much the piano gets played. For example, a piano owned by a professional pianist and by musical institutes may be played for several hours a day, therefore they require more regular attention to maintain a good playing standard.


Minor repairs can often be carried out in situ. An examination will be needed to assess the amount of work necessary. More serious repairs can often be carried out in my workshop.

Full Restoration

The process of restoring a piano is extremely labour intensive. No component is left untouched. I can arrange for full restoration to be undertaken at Europes leading restoration factory.

Cleaning Out

Cleaning out the interior of the piano both in Uprights and Grands removes small particals, usually of rubber from musicians notemaking from between the keys and around the tuning pin and soundboard area. This leaves the keys to move freely and in the long term means sticking notes are less likely to appear.

New and Second Hand Pianos

I am able to advise on the purchase of new and second-hand pianos and a selection of accessories, including a range of piano stools, piano covers, castor cups, hygrometers, metronomes and music stands.

Harpsichord tuning can be undertaken.

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